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Alice's Picks

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DIY Mechanical Music Box Set
D.I.Y. never looked so classy until Kikkerland introduced a kit capable of transforming anyone who can handle a hole-puncher into a maestro. Complete with a tiny music box, hole puncher, and paper strips labeled with a musical staff, this set provides simple instructions that allow music lovers of all ages to experiment with song writing on a miniature scale. Screws are also included in the package to secure the instrument to a surface, preferably a wooden box or table which amplifies the notes with exceptional sound quality, producing beautiful, rich tones. There are no words to describe the thrill of hearing your own original melody as you turn the handle on this whimsical instrument.

Shrinky Dinks
Draw and color on the special plastic, cut out, bake in the oven, and watch your design shrink to one third of its original size. You can wear these creations as necklace charms, key chains, or use them to decorate a notebook cover in your own unique style. The possibilities are as boundless as the imagination, and the shrinking of the image results in a crisp and ornate appearance regardless of the artistís skill level. This is a great craft to do on your own, with a friend or as a party activity. What makes this project particularly wonderful is that the creative process proves to be equally as exciting as the tangible reward of homemade treasures.

642 Things to Draw
With every turn of a page this drawing book playfully challenges you to create a visual manifestation for each unique prompt. Some tasks invite us to celebrate the subtleties of the mundane by drawing a Q-tip or a thumbtack; while others encourage us to channel our inner humorist with suggestions like "draw a fainting goat." Ultimately the most engaging and inspiring prompts are the abstract proposals which urge us to translate feeling into image. Try drawing "dignity," "mistakes," or "the wild blue yonder." This book embraces the delightful truth that each individual views the world differently, and there is no wrong way to draw the Bermuda Triangle.